Welcome to The Crossing

The Crossing is located on the busy intersection of South Pine Road and Eaton’s Crossing Road in Warner. Our vision is to build a creative village through interests and involvement.  

About Us

No matter where you go in life you meet different people. Everyone has a story to tell. While we may have some similarities, there will always be unique aspects of everyone’s story including yours. We are interested in you. In order for you to feel a connection to us it’s important that we share a little of who we are.

Hi I’m John Moore, pastor of The Crossing Church. I’m married to Cami (Camille).  In this photo we are at a wedding and so it looks a bit formal than normal. I’m probably more at home chilled out and surfing on the Sunshine Coast. We are part of a great group of people at The Crossing Church and we look forward to catching up with you. We aim to be a friendly church focused on some new interests that help us all explore more of who Jesus Christ is. We belong to Queensland Baptists. 



We believe that everyone is made and loved by God.

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The Crossing halfpipe was originally built by a pro skater on the Gold Coast…

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Music plays a huge part in our lives. We have built a multi-purpose outdoor stage.

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While not everyone would consider themselves to be an artist, everyone has artistic capabilities.

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The “Crafternoons” is an opportunity for people to explore their craftiness.

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We have several raised garden beds that people are welcome to share.

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We have a fully functioning commercial kitchen and provide coffees after church.

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Movie and music nights are being organised. Our Christmas and Easter events will play…

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Have You Found What You

are Looking For?

It’s a great question. Each of us will have different quests at various stages of our lives. Obviously, you can feel a sense of being lost or disconnected. The Crossing is a great place to develop whatever faith you have or may not have. The best way to move forward in life is to be involved in something that interests you and to share those interests with others. The Crossing becomes your opportunity to explore who you are and what God has in store for your life.


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