About Our Church

About Us

What is a creative village? The best way to describe a creative village is to start with what it isn’t. It isn’t an overly planned development or program and it isn’t a replica of anything that exists anywhere. Our creative village concept has a great deal of originality operating as a not for profit unincorporated charity. It is an organic, grassroots use of what exists and the collaborative efforts of people willing to build a better future. We have launched into a few ideas, we have many more to come.
There is scope for a café, arts and craft shop, drama, music, song writing, pottery, jewellery making, wood working, BMX, pump track, basketball, volleyball, herb/fruit/vegetable garden and a food pantry. It is an exciting opportunity to serve in a pioneering spirit to bring about redemptive changes in the world through areas of interest. The dream extends far beyond what exists. Come along and have some fun.